Edgar Chagwa Lungu


Edgar Lungu, the incumbent President of Zambia, has said that he “will continue to call for peace across all political parties, religions and social groups. I encourage all to use the power of faith to promote peace and inter-religious dialogue. This is a time for reflection and an opportunity for different faiths to interact and converse on matters that cut across the barriers of faith and culture.”

As President, Mr Lungu has frequent opportunities to meet other Heads of State and Heads of Government and to discuss international affairs. He has said, “Foreign relations are an important segment in moving Zambia to prosperity and further economic development… I look forward to further conversations with [other] great national leaders as we work to build Zambia on a global level.”

If re-elected, Mr Lungu has promised to “act more decisively to promote peace in the sub-continent and Africa as a whole; campaign for a better managed global economy, including restructuring of international financial and trade institutions to make them more sensitive to the needs of developing countries, especially those in Africa; promote equitable trade, investment and developmental plans for the Southern African region, at the same time promoting a common set of democratic values.”

Mr Lungu’s Party, the Patriotic Front, has made the following electoral commitments as regards international affairs: “As a member of the international community, Zambia maintains membership of several regional and international organisations, such as SADC, COMESA, African Union, Commonwealth, the Non-Aligned Movement, and the United Nations. In order to maintain and enhance international relations and cooperation the Patriotic Front Government shall retain Zambia’s membership to these international organisations and agencies; promote friendly and cordial relations with Zambia’s neighbours, all African States and other foreign countries; and pursue a foreign policy based on the mutuality of common interest and respect”.

We have attempted to contact Mr Lungu in order to invite him to respond to our two standard questions:

1. If you are elected, what will you do for the rest of us, around the world?

2. What is your vision for your country's role in the world? So far we have not received a response but we'll keep trying until the poll closes.

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