The Dual Mandate

The aim of the Good Country is simple but ambitious: to change the culture of governance worldwide.
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In the past, leaders had a simple, single mandate: to do the best for their own people and their own slice of territory - frequently at the expense of people in other territories. In the age of global threats and opportunities, they must accept a Dual Mandate:

Today, leaders must realise that they're responsible not only for their own people, but for every man, woman, child and animal on the planet; not just responsible for their own slice of territory, but for every square inch of the earth's surface and the atmosphere above it.

Any leader who isn't prepared for this level of responsibility shouldn't be leading. And we must all do whatever we can to help the world's leaders move to the Dual Mandate, and to help citizens support them as they do so.

One day soon, the casual nationalism that characterises almost all political and economic discussions will seem as outdated and offensive as sexism and racism do today.