The Good Generation

We have a vaccine for the pandemic, but where's the vaccine for climate change, pollution, racism, corruption, violence, poverty & inequality?

A highly effective vaccine already exists, and has been tested for generations.

It's called education.

The Good Generation is a plan for the whole world to agree on a new set of values, virtues and skills that every country on earth will teach its children. This way, we’ll raise a new generation that makes the world work.

The Good Generation starts with a new Global Compact on the skills, the values and the virtues that the next generation of children need to learn so they can run towards the global challenges instead of running away from them.

The Compact will be crowdsourced via an online conversation between children and teenagers, parents, teachers, grandparents, experts and thinkers in every one of the nearly two hundred countries on earth.

Our aim is for the Compact to be embraced by educational providers around the world. Ultimately, it will be signed by the Minister of Education of every nation on earth, and incorporated into each country's educational syllabus.

Yes, the education of children is a sensitive topic. But it’s worth another look at the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: two fine achievements that prove how, when it’s really necessary, humanity really can agree on a set of common principles. The need for change is as urgent now as it was when those extraordinary documents were written.

Humanity is facing many global challenges today.

Every one of those challenges is caused by the behaviour of people.

The behaviour of people stems from what they learned, or didn’t learn, as children.

If we change the learning, we can change the behaviour, and defeat the challenges.

The Good Generation project is now in the active planning and fundraising stage with several partners already on board. Keep checking for further announcements!