Andyford Mayele Banda


As the youngest candidate contesting the Presidency in the current election, Andyford Banda is campaigning primarily on the theme of youth opportunities. He has stated: “We have a clear plan for empowerment of entrepreneurs and employment of thousands of unemployed youths. We are the only party with tangible solutions to this country’s problems unlike all these other parties that have recycled politicians who have failed and people want to still give them a chance.”

We have not been able to identify this candidate’s position on international affairs and no comments from him on non-domestic matters appear to exist in the online public record. If you are aware of any such comments, please contact us immediately using the contact form.

We have attempted to contact Mr Banda in order to invite him to respond to our two standard questions:

1. If you are elected, what will you do for the rest of us, around the world?

2. What is your vision for your country's role in the world?

So far we have not received a response but we'll keep trying until the poll closes.

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