Eduardo Artés

Eduardo Artés

Eduardo Artés Brichetti was born in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua in 1951. He is a Professor of Education and has been active in politics for most of his adult life. He is the leader of the Chilean Communist Party and, since 2015, of the Unión Patriótica de Chile (Patriotic Union of Chile), which nominated him as a candidate for the 2017 presidential election. He claims that his party offers a popular left-wing and revolutionary format that is not to be found elsewhere.

Artés is anti-revisionist and defines himself as “Marxist-Leninist”, although he has been described by his detractors as “Neostalinist”. On several occasions he has expressed support for North Korea's ideological and social model. Artés criticized Israel in November 2017, calling it “a threat to world peace.”

Aside from these views, Artés’ campaign is based on domestic issues, and there is little material available to assess his views on Chile’s international role.

In 2005 he stood as a senatorial candidate for Santiago with support of Juntos Podemos Más coalition. He also stood unsucessfully for the presidency in 2009.

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