Carolina Goic

Carolina Goic

Carolina Goic Boroevic (born in Puerto Natales, Chile, in 1972), is president of the Chilean Christian Democratic Party (PDC), a Senator, and a former Deputy.

Goic graduated as a social worker from the Catholic University of Chile, where she later obtained a degree in economics.

She has also served as director of the National Tourism Service (Sernatur) in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic regions.

On 11 March 2017 Carolina Goic was elected as Presidential Candidate by the Christian Democratic Party.

Goic has stated of her party that “we have a comprehensive vision of international relations. We believe that our aims must match up to the challenges of a complex world, and be sustained in solid productive, social, environmental, cultural and institutional bases. While some want to look back in history, and reduce international relationships purely to commercial exchange, we believe that as a country we have much more to contribute. We can and should be part of a new global leadership. Together with countries and regions with which we share values, interests and the future, we will work for the construction of peace, cultural exchange and international cooperation for development.”

“We live a delicate moment. The foundations of the international system are weakened, and threaten multilateralism: some seek unilateral solutions to global problems; commercial protectionism is growing and barriers being raised against exchanges; the evidence of an environmental crisis and climate change are disregarded.”

“Chile must continue to be a relevant actor in the multilateral system, maintain better relations with our neighbours, be open to the world and strengthen our institutions and our productive system to position ourselves properly in a complex world full of great opportunities.”

“We firmly believe that to enjoy the benefits of freedom in Chile, democracy, the rule of law and socio-economic development, we need a safer, integrated, equitable and supportive world. Being open for and by the world is our only insurance for continuing to enjoy what we have. We will be an active part of the community of nations, increasing our presence and our ability to contribute to the construction of a better world… We will reinforce the adoption of an inclusive and transformative agenda to combat climate change, promoting sustainable development, and reaffirming the commitment to the Paris Agreement.”

On the issue of relations with Bolivia, Goic has stated that “…we will make a creative effort to seek ways of dialogue, based on respect for the sovereignty of both countries. We will work together in commercial promotion, technical cooperation, academic and cultural cooperation.”

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