Wouldn’t it be helpful to give more information about the candidates?

The short profile that you find on each candidate is, as you can well imagine, the result of many hours of careful filtering, editing and distilling of very large amounts of information.

It would actually be a lot less work for us to copy and paste pages and pages of detail about what each candidate has done in the past, or their views about domestic issues, their political background, their biography, and so forth, but most of it is frankly irrelevant to the issue we want people to focus on. We're trying to focus people's attention purely on the candidate's stated views and intentions about the country's international role, and we don't want to cloud the issue with a lot of domestic political detail.

However, we strongly encourage Global Voters to find out more about each candidate before making their decision: this is why we provide links to further information wherever it's available. We're lucky enough to live in an information age, so you'll never have far to go to find out everything you could possibly want to know about most candidates in most countries (and probably far more).

It's interesting how rare it is for candidates in most countries to talk about international affairs. Maybe they feel there are no votes in it, or maybe it's just not a topic they think about much until they get elected. Which is too late, in our opinion.