Why do you only ask some of the candidates your two Key Questions”?

We try to contact all the candidates in every election and offer them the chance to answer our Two Key Questions (1: If you are elected, what will you do for the rest of us, around the world?; 2: What is your vision for your country's role in the world?) but they don't always respond. We certainly don't blame them for this, since in the weeks and days leading up to an election, they are probably rather busy. On the other hand, the ones that do see it as a worthwhile way to spend a few minutes win our profound respect.

We hope that as the Global Vote becomes more influential, we will find that more and more candidates not only respond when we reach out to them, but will start reaching out to us.

As you may have noticed, we do our very best to give each candidate a full and fair appraisal on the site, even if they have not responded to our enquiries.