Ricardo Anaya Cortés

Anaya Cortes

Ricardo Anaya Cortés was born in 1979 in Querétaro, Mexico. He holds a law degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, a Master’s degree in tax law from Universidad del Valle de México, and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He most recently held the position of National President of the National Action Party from 2014 – 2017.

Cortés’ foreign policy focuses on first strengthening the image of Mexico’s national interests and development in order to regain and maintain independence and sovereignty. He also proposes to establish a Citizen Advisory Committee on Foreign Policy to promote greater participation of Mexican society in foreign matters. His platform aims to diversify Mexico’s relations with other countries and regions in all sectors, particularly in the sectors of education, politics, commercial and strategic relationships. He plans to first focus on Mexico’s current relationships, and to strengthen its ties with Latin America and the Caribbean via increased participation in those regions. He has also spoken of expanding “political, commercial, cultural and cooperation relations with strategic regions and emerging economies”, and strengthening Mexico’s ties with the European Union, Africa, the Middle East, China, and the Asia-Pacific region. Cortés has promised to defend and strengthen multilateralism by contributing to international organisations in order to increase the presence and leadership of Mexico in the international community.

His election platform includes a pledge to “…include among the objectives of national foreign policy the defence and promotion of democratic principles and human rights in the world,” and to “allocate more resources for the performance of embassies and consulates of Mexico abroad.”

With regard to the United States, Cortés speaks of redefining the strategic relationship between the two countries, and establishing an agreement that prioritises the human rights of Mexican migrants in the United States. He plans to incorporate free trade agreements with a special focus on migratory flow, the rights of workers, and environmental issues. He also plans to strengthen the defence of human and labour rights in the United States for Mexican migrants.

He has said that his message to all Mexican migrants in the United States is “do not forget that you are not alone ... all of Mexico is with you and when I am President I will always be on your side.”

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