Hassan Rohani, Iran’s incumbent president, has received nearly three-quarters of the Global Vote. His nearest rival, Mohammad-Bagher Qalibaf, took just 4% of the vote.

There was an unusually high number of 'Abstain' votes in this Global Vote: 13% of the total and by far the strongest "runner-up" after Rohani. Assuming that people chose 'Abstain' for the reasons recommended on the site, many Global Voters felt that none of the available candidates were 'good news for the world'.

Another unusual feature of this election was the high number of Global Voters casting their vote from Iran: almost half of the total. This was probably because of the large amount of discussion about the Global Vote in the Iranian media in the weeks leading up to the election. Global Voters in Iran voted in a similar way to those elsewhere around the world, the overwhelming majority voting for Hassan Rohani, followed by 'Abstain', and no other candidate polling more than 4% of the total.

In the official Presidential election Hassan Rohani was also the clear winner, capturing 57% of the vote and thus avoiding a run-off; the runner-up was Ebrahim Raisi with 38.5%.