Mostafa Mir-Salim

Mostafa Mir Salim

At the time of publishing this Global Vote, Mostafa Mir-Salim has made no policy statements in support of his candidacy and appears to have no published positions on, or previous involvement in, international affairs.

However, according to Wikipedia, Mir-Salim's tenure as Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance from 1994 "was characterized by a strongly conservative Islamist direction, aiming to stave off the "cultural onslaught" of Western culture and promote pious Islamic culture in its place, including through the use of repressive measures. The Ministry under his direction was particularly known for closing a number of reformist newspapers."

The link to Mir-Salim's page on Wikipedia is given below, but voters are strongly advised to make their own further researches before making a decision on this and all other candidates.

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