Why should I care who becomes President of some country I’ve never even heard of?

Many people might wonder how some of the countries whose elections we cover in the Global Vote with small populations, small economies, small land area and low international profile could possibly have much impact on the rest of the world, on you and me.

Welcome to the twenty-first century, where globalisation has created such a dense tangle of economic, social, political, technological, commercial, legal and cultural connections that every country, small or large, rich or poor, humble or ambitious, now affects and is affected by every other country, near or far.

If any country fails to control its waste or its emissions, it will harm the atmosphere and the oceans: and they belong to all of us. If it fails to make its proper contributions to the international system, others will have to contribute more. If it fails to maintain peace and stability, other countries will probably get involved. If it can’t offer its citizens good prospects, it will produce more migrants who will bring both benefits and stresses to the countries they move to. If it remains poor, other countries may need to help out; if it becomes wealthy, it may help poorer countries. Any country's people, its culture, its cuisine, its products and services may bring delight and variety to the lives of people in distant countries. People might visit as tourists or investors and contribute to its economy while enriching their own lives and experience.

These are just some of the reasons why we should care about every country on earth. And this is why we should care whether the leaders of those countries are outward-looking or inward-looking; whether they occasionally think about the rest of us and not merely their own voters.

And remember, any country of any size or strength can produce a great leader, and share that leader with the world when it comes to making the big collective decisions that affect all of us. Great leaders work for all of humanity: they benefit all of us with their wisdom and courage and imagination, not just their own voters. They know how important it is to be a good neighbour: they know how important it is to be a good ancestor.