Why don’t you say how many people actually voted?

Honestly, because the numbers are still quite small: in the tens of thousands for the higher-profile countries; more than 100,000 for the US election and getting on for twice that in the UK election a few months later; and just thousands for the smaller countries. On the other hand, the spread is truly impressive - we almost always get votes from 100 countries or more.

Considering that the Global Vote is barely a year old, and the Good Country project has no external funding, we're proud of these numbers.

But with so many heavily-funded online campaigns achieving millions or tens of millions of followers, not to mention random cat videos getting hundreds of millions, people have become a bit blasé about huge numbers these days. Against this background, a genuinely handbuilt operation like the Good Country with no staff and no promotional budget, which has to achieve its numbers purely by word of mouth, will take a bit longer to reach those levels. Most people understand this very well, but public opinion is harsh!

Once the numbers are regularly in the hundreds of thousands - and that shouldn't be too long at the rate the project is growing - then we'll start publishing all the numbers and probably some analysis too (although note that the purpose of the Global Vote is not research).

In the meantime, please enjoy and pass on the word to everyone you know!