Helen Clark has served three successive terms as Prime Minister of New Zealand and Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. She previously pursued an academic career in political science before becoming a parliamentarian, and holding a number of senior positions in government. Her personal focus is on diversity and of the empowerment of women. She was appointed Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2009, and is the Chair of the United Nations Development Group.

Quotable Quotes

“Coming from New Zealand, I was raised in a strong tradition of fairness and tolerance. My life and experience have been about bringing people together, bridging divisions and achieving results.”

“The United Nations needs a proven leader who is pragmatic and effective. I believe I am that person.”

“No corner of the world is isolated. More than ever, we are all in this together. And yet there is often disregard for international rules and collective solutions, and the pursuit of short-term national interests, at the expense of the long-term shared interests of humanity.”

“The United Nations system delivers results most effectively when it recognises and responds to the fundamental connection between sustainable development, peace and security, and human rights.”

“The United Nations system should be more focused on results and less on process.”

“Interconnectedness should be used as an advantage. Solutions to the challenges of today need to be crafted diplomatically and collaboratively, using all social and economic tools available.”

“The United Nations can play a valuable role in assisting Member States to respond to emerging global trends and issues by using its convening power. Strong partnerships are crucial in this effort, particularly with Member States, and with other international and regional organisations. Strategic relationships with non-governmental constituencies, civil society, and the private sector can offer unique contributions.”