Marianne Thieme


Marianne Thieme (1972) has led the Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) since 2012, prior to which she was active in the animal rights movement.

Thieme has stated: "Politicians and corporations have always placed economic interests above moral interests. This is now hurting the entire planet."

She calls for:

  • The Dutch government to stop facilitating evasion of taxes by multinationals and to publish all existing deals publicly
  • Raising taxes on fossil fuels and implementing a charge per kilometre for the use of cars
  • Implementing "triple bottom line" national accounts
  • More sustainable production for local markets and less bulk production for export markets
  • Closing down nuclear power plants
  • Abolishing subsidies and tax benefits for producers and large-scale consumers of fossil energy
  • Closing down zoos
  • Including animal rights in the Constitution
  • Putting an end to animal testing on primates and more stringent monitoring of other animal testing
  • Reducing the influence of the EU
  • An international court for ‘ecocide’; the murder of ecosystems should be prosecuted.