Jesse Klaver


Jesse Klaver (1986) has been party leader for the Green Party since 2015 and an MP since 2010.

In his essay, The Empathic Society, Klaver states: "I want to be proud of the Netherlands ... a Netherlands with self-confidence, a country that dares to lead the way again in protecting freedoms and human rights ... A country that seeks to be an example for other countries. ... If we want to understand each other, we will have to talk to each other again. That can only come from empathy for each other's problems and attitudes."

He calls for:

  • Closing down coal fuelled and nuclear power plants
  • Taxation of CO2 emissions and the use of cars per kilometre
  • Reducing extraction of fossil fuels
  • More funds for development cooperation
  • Tackling tax avoidance by multinationals
  • Reduction in mass surveillance techniques in the fight against terrorism
  • Legalisation of soft drugs
  • Cancelling TTIP negotiations
  • Refugees to be accommodated, more funds be made available for care of refugees in their own regions
  • Small scale refugee centres in the Netherlands; integration starts on the day of arrival in the country
  • All EU member states to share the responsibility for assisting refugees. If they don’t, they should be sanctioned
  • Recognition, restitution and compensation for all those affected by the war for independence of the Dutch Indies and all other victims of Dutch colonial rule
  • Recognition of the State of Palestine and suspension of the association agreement between the EU and Israel as long as Israel continues to violate international law
  • Ban of nuclear weapons on Dutch territory.