Saša Janković


Prior to launching his campaign, Saša Janković was Serbia's first National Ombudsman, occupying the post from 2007 to 2017. A lawyer and a former journalist, he announced that he will run for President early this year and quickly gathered the support of the civil bloc, as well as the official support of the Democratic Party (Demokratska stranka), which was the strongest party until its leader Boris Tadić lost the presidential elections in 2012 to Tomislav Nikolić. He also has support from various minor pro-Western parties, and was supported in his campaign by appearances from prominent intellectuals, professors, actors, playwrights and even journalists. His most vocal supporter is Dušan "Duda" Ivković, Serbia's legendary basketball coach.

Along with Nenad Čanak, he is the only candidate who is not adamant about Kosovo being part of Serbia, and has been quoted as saying that currently the UN Resolution 1244 on Kosovo is "just an illusion".

He is personally against Serbia joining NATO, but says that he would leave the decision to the government and to the people. Although pro-European, he has also stated that he would not support the sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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