Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson Election Winner

Guðni is a university lecturer and historian, specialising in modern Icelandic history, who has taught and studied in the UK and Germany as well as in Iceland. He is married to a Canadian. On migration, he has commented “We should welcome people fleeing the world’s tragedies and come here in search of a safe haven and a better life.” On the role of the President, he comments: “The President of Iceland represents the country to the world, [is] the Head of State and our international representative. The President is required to strengthen Icelandic culture and arts abroad, the economic and commercial sector and the position of Iceland as needed. The President should be independent from companies and individuals. He or she cannot accept favours and as a result become beholden to anybody. The President should enhance the reputation of Iceland abroad and promote the country and the nation. In this respect and others, however, modesty [is] a virtue.


We have attempted to contact Guðni for a personal statement but so far have not received a response.

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