Ástþór Magnússon

Ástþór is an independently wealthy businessman and peace activist. This is his fifth run at the Icelandic presidency. In a recent TV interview, he stated that if elected, it would be his intention (1) to establish an Iceland foundation for democratic studies that would serve as a model for the entire world; (2) to convert the US military base in Iceland into the headquarters of a United Nations peacekeeping force; (3) to create a conflict resolution institute where parties in conflict from around the world can meet with experienced mediators. He comments that “although Iceland is a small country, it could have a major impact in promoting peace ... for two decades I have tried to draw people to the knowledge [that] the President of Iceland could adopt the way for the [creation] in Iceland [of] a world center of democracy, peace affairs and control of international peacekeeping.”


We have attempted to contact Ástþór for a personal statement but so far have not received a response.

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