Bernadett Szél

Bernadett Szel

Bernadett Szél is an economist with a Ph.D. in Sociology. She is Co-President of the Politics Can Be Different (LMP) party, and has been a Member of the National Assembly since 2012, and of the National Security Committee since 2014. The LMP is a member of the European Greens alliance.

During a press conference in Brussels in 2017 Szél spoke against the expansion of the nuclear power plant, in Paks, Hungary. She claimed that this investment could cause an “environmental, social and economic cataclysm in Europe”.

In April, 2017 Szél supported activists protesting against the so-called “NGO Law” which obliges all associations and foundations in receipt of foreign funding to register with the court and be labelled as foreign-funded, and penalizes activities that support migration: she helped the demonstrators to enter the room in Parliament where the Committee on National Security was holding its meeting.

In its manifesto, the LMP identifies sustainable energy as a priority. It considers that Hungary should remain in the EU and NATO, and opposes any kind of relationship with what it regards as dictatorships, specifically Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

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