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To those in power who believe that only strength counts, and that people are always self-interested, I say “We tried it your way, and it didn’t work. Let’s try something new.”

Is human progress at least as important as national politics?
Do you think nations should collaborate more and compete less?

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The Good Country is for people like you. People who see global issues as just as important or even more important than national issues; who are more concerned with international co-operation and human progress than with domestic politics; people who see their humanity as more important than their nationality; people who want a say in how the world is run.

The Good Country is a forum for collaboration, a shared learning space, an ideas exchange and a focal point for the collective action of hundreds of millions of global citizens worldwide. The Good Country is committed to helping its members help their families, communities, companies, schools and universities, cities, regions and countries — and of course themselves — to become gooder: to collaborate creatively with each other and produce more courageous and imaginative solutions to local and global challenges. Becoming part of the Good Country is free and open to anyone, anywhere, of any age.

We’re right at the beginning! Starting today, we want to build more and more good content, talks, information, data, discussion, debate and interactive materials, so it becomes a rich and valuable place for anyone who wants to make the world work better. If you have any ideas for more content, please let us know!

Simon Anholt

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