Where’s my country?

If you can't find a country whose election you'd like to vote on, please read on!

This year, further elections are planned in Ecuador, Armenia, the Gambia, Algeria, Niue, South Korea, Kenya, Cayman Islands, Albania, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, Sénégal, Rwanda, Norway, New Zealand, Liberia, Kyrgyzstan, Chile and Honduras (and that's not a complete list). 

I'd love to cover them all, but preparing each election takes a lot of time. We need to identify and thoroughly research each of the candidates (there are usually twelve or more in each election), contact them for comments, write their profiles, have them checked by competent and neutral local experts, set up the voting system, and so on.

The Good Country is an unfunded project with no permanent staff, so if you live in any of the countries listed above, know the political landscape inside-out, have no strong political opinions of your own (or at least know how to suppress them!), and have the time and the expertise to help research and write up the candidate profiles for any of the elections listed, please do get in touch using the contact page. I'd love to hear from you!

If your interest is in Turkey's forthcoming Constitutional Referendum, please check out this FAQ